Call for support to trans and non-binary people

Queer Rights Collective is calling for people to send letter in solidarity to transgender and non-binary people of Nepal.

How can you help the #LGRmovementNepal ?

– The LGR movement Nepal is a movement dedicated for Legal Gender Recognition of transgender and non-binary people in Nepal. Since the State Affairs and Good Governance Committee of the federal parliament of Nepal is drafting a citizenship bill which infringes the rights of transgender and non-binary people, we are focused on the bill.

– The LGR movement Nepal aims to remove the problematic provision about changing your legal gender marker and name from the proposed amendment of citizenship bill. The proposal says that one needs to present “evidence” for their gender identity which could be interpreted as anything from stripping down, to demanding medial certificates, etc. However, gender identity is self-perceived and not something able to be declared by medical interventions.
(You can read the proposed amendment here.

What did we do ?

– We had sent a package of documents to the committee of the parliament. We also drafted a proposal of the provisions that could be included in the act to address the issues of transgender and non-binary people.

(To read what letter we sent, what are our demands and what was the proposal we made, you can check this google drive link )

What support do we want ?

– We want anyone to pressurize the committee to include our proposal. We want many people to send mails to the parliament in support of our demands. This will help the transgender and non-binary population get their recognition by the law.

How do you do it ?

You can do it individually or organizationally.

– Here is a draft of the letter you have to write. Please insert your details. Please do not modify the letter in the way that it deletes the important information. Anything additional to complement could be preferred.


After you print this letter, please go to your respective Post Office (Hulaak Karyalaya). Place the letter properly folded in a envelope.

On the right side, [sender]
Your name, address and contact

On the left side, [receiver]
राज्य व्यवस्था तथा सुशासन समिति,
संघीय संसद सचिवालय,
सिंहदरबार, काठमाडौँ

On the envelope, somewhere below your [ the sender] details also place “लैङ्गिक अल्पसङ्ख्यक र नागरिकता सम्बन्धी”. On the office hours, send it through Hulaak. Usually it costs you around 20 to 30 rupees.

– You can also send letters without mentioning your real details if you feel it risks your privacy. However, the name and address in the letter should go as passable as possible for “real person”. In this case, instead of going into a Hulaak counter to send your letter, buy a Hulaak Ticket probably costing 20 rupees. Please do not forget to properly write down Sender and Receiver (in Nepali) and Sender on right side and receiver on the left side; and these details should not be written on the side where the envelope mouth closes; and not to use cello tapes or any tapes, rather a properly sticking glue to enclose the envelope (These details are necessary, otherwise your letter won’t be delivered). Paste the hulaak ticket and drop it in the post box of the hullaak office. [ This is only if you want to remain anonyomous ]

– However we encourage people to drop the letter inside the Hulaak Counter as far as possible.

In case you are abroad or a non-Nepalese person trying to support, please use the non-Nepalese template in the google drive link above.

You need to post the letter to :
State Affairs and Good Governance Committee,
Federal Parliament Secretariat,
Singha Durbar, Kathmandu,
Province number 3, Nepal.
(you can also copy paste print paste the Nepali address in the envelope)

Please do not modify the letter in the way that it deletes the important information. Anything additional to complement could be preferred.

The more letters the committee receives, the more pressure we can exert on them to accept the demands. We are looking forward for all of your solidarity.

Thank you #QRCnepal

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