About Us

Queer Youth Group is a loose affiliation of young activists (16-30) who identify in identities of Queer, MOGAI or any cultural terms that is non-cis-hetero. Queer Youth Group works for the rights of Queer/MOGAI people. We are non-registered group of people working in alternative ways.


The three major principles of Queer Youth Group are:

  1. Gender and Sexuality as a spectrum
  2. Intersectional analysis
  3. Diversity approach

Tsi-Nu-Tok discussions

Queer Youth group conducts Tsi-Nu-Tok discussion program. Tsi Nu Tok is a discussion series of Queer Youth Group, that promotes discussion of various social issues and activism stuffs among LGBTIQ+ youths. We are a platform to promote discussion amongst young LGBTIs. Our focus is on bringing discussion culture amongst LGBTI youths so that LGBTI movement can have new discourses. We welcome people from any sexual orientation or gender identity. We focus on young LGBTI and we discuss on LGBTI issues. Any individual can join this discussion.

This platform was formed since June 5 2018( Nepal Sambat 1138 Analaa 21) in order to create a discussion among LGBTI youths on various topics. We organize discussion program on various issues where young facilitators facilitate the discussion. This platform was formed during an activity of Women Leadership Summit 2018.Women Leadership Summit is a yearly leadership summit organized by Ujyalo Foundation for young women professionals. It was launched with a mission to enhance women’s participation in leadership and decision making roles. During this summit 2018, fellows started conducting training programs to community members, circles and various sectors with regards to teaching the content learnt in the summit. In the process, fellow Rukshana Kapali took this idea to create a platform for young LGBTI people to discuss on various social issues. All the fellows of Women Leadership Summit 2018 organized this platform. This started from first in series, 5 June 2018 when a program was organized on Unboxing gender and sexuality, Feminism and Patriarchy, Body image and body shaming at BDS Care and Support, Lazimpat. Since 2019, Tsi-Nu-Tok, which was running independently, became a part of Queer Youth Group.

The name of the platform Tsi Nu Tok is a Myahq language terminology which means “I, You and We”. Myahq is also known as Kusunda language in the mainstream, but the word Kusunda is suggested to be derogatory term. Myahq is what they called themselves, their native terminology. The meaning of this name is “I-You-We”, as applied meaning, “I” and “You” can come together so “I” and “You” can be “We”, and we can create strong sense of awe feeling by which we go together as “we”. Myahq language is a language isolate, most unique language of Nepal, which died out with the
death of its last speaker on April 2018. As a respect to the language and acknowledging a loss of ‘unique vision of the world’ and cultural heritage, a name was chosen in this language.